What Does a Designer Suggest For Home Interior Design Services?

Not everyone has a classy choice and are eager to run in rat race but then there are a few people who like to keep updated yet they have their distinct sense of style. That is called being contemporary. You are a contemporary person if you like to stay updated but with your own editing. It is a perfect style for office, stores and even homes.

The contemporary style means simplicity, subtlety, sophistication, texture and clean lines. The contemporary interiors are clean and sleek and here is what is included in contemporary interior design services:

Colors: Colors add beauty and freshness to the substance. The contemporary design does not have lot many colors yet whatever colors there are, they are either black, white or neutrals. The black color is used for the flooring or ground such as for the tiles and white is used for walls. The neutrals colors are used for the walls so that you can choose to have bold and bright colored accessories and furniture.

Contemporary Furniture: The furniture needs to be bold yet subtle at the same time. It should not look like a clutter and it should be simple and decorative. The textured natural fibre such as wool, cotton, linen, silk and jute are a perfect example of stylish furniture. The concept of less is more is perfectly applicable to furniture. Avoid using ruffles or frills or even fringes. Also, there is a big NO to floral prints and cute stuff. Go bold and structural.

Lines and Spaces: The most obvious and unique element of the contemporary design is lining. What makes contemporary, contemporary is architectural details, high ceilings, bold color blocks and geometrical shape It must surprise you that broken bricks and exposed plumbing pipes are a kind of decoration in a contemporary style interior. You must paint the details in bold and blend them with the walls so that each piece stands out as an individual and unique.

Lighting: The lighting has to be in a way where it helps wash a wall in light. You must use the light that is directed at a painting, poster or print. This will help draw the focus exactly where you want to. You must consider installing cove lights and add the metallic touch to it to make it look authentic contemporary. The Contemporary style sculptures can be placed at eye level by using a structural column or pedestal on the stand. You must go for the frames that are in high gloss or matte black and you must hang so it gives a feel of one large instead of too many small.

Flooring and other things: The flooring needs to be smooth and crisp. It has to be tile or vinyl. If you feel like using carpet then you must choose commercial grade or geometry patterned area rug. The contemporary is about making generous use of metal, stone and opaque items decorated in contemporary style. For example, the Zebra print pillow on a Black leather chair or the arrangements neat with rocks or bark chips arranged over the dirt. The key to contemporary design is avoidance of fussy prints and choosing geometric shapes for the dinnerware too.


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